The Extreme Tour is a real organization. I first encountered them myself when they came to my city to do community events in the park downtown. It took awhile to figure out that they were a Christian thing. These events were mostly community events. There were all kinds of people in attendance, and plenty of agencies taking part that were not affiliated with any church. It was just a big party to bring the community together. | At the end of the event, there was a mention of the beliefs of the organizers, and all the acts were "clean", but I don’t know that even all the performers were necessarily religious. (I don’t think they all were.) I later traveled with a band and did a few of their shows. It was definitely a different kind of experience. Not a typical gig. | We played in the middle of a housing project for a show like the English Village complex this other guy mocks. The point was to take a positive event to people that were having a hard time. I guess the other reviewer didn’t understand that. | Not all the events were huge, but they definitely weren’t "busking". These were organized events, and they were mostly to decent attendances or better. | And the insane accusation that the organizers are trying to "make a quick buck" just proves the guy doesn’t know what he’s talking about. The events are free. The staff, all the way up, are all unpaid vollunteers. Contrary to the report, artists DO NOT PAY to be on the tour! I know we didn’t! | Yes, there was an insignificant application fee. But being a charitable thing, there aren’t an overwhelming number of artists applying I don’t think. (I think I heard it was about 700 the year I went). The organization provides food and lodging and stuff. I assume that’s where the app fees go. That, or the background checks. I know they had to do them for all the artists that apply before they even know if they can take then. That likely costs more than the app fee. | I had a great time and actually found it inspiring to be part of helping with them. It’s sad that someone can anonymously attack them like the other review here. Especially when it’s obvious they didn’t do any of the events. You shouldn’t be able to review something you haven’t been a part of. And if you wanted to see pictures or videos of events, there are quite a few on their site. Those are user submitted, I think, so you can see what people who participated posted themselves. | That’s what I think, anyway. I thought I might as well add my voice. At last I’ve been on it!


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