Ordered a black and tri-color cartridge for my new printer. When received, the black was not recognized at all by the printer. The color cartridge was recognized, but had no magenta ink in it. Contacted them. They said to soak it on a wet paper towel for 15 minutes to draw out the ink. Did that, still no magenta. Not a drop. Then they said to use the return label to return it. I had the shipping package, there was no return label, only a poorly cut packing slip. Told them that (all by email) and they insisted I use the non existant return label. Finally they emailed me a return label, which had NO PREPAID POSTAGE. Just their address. So I shipped it back across the country at a cost of over $5, and eventually they did refund the money for the cartridge. Meanwhile, as mentioned, the black one is no good either. I had paid for shipping out here, paid to ship the color one back So far over $10 for shipping alone. This company just sucks, so I will simply refuse to ever do business with them again, and let as many people as possible know that they have very bad product.

collierville, Tennessee United States of America


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