I ordered two finger monkeys from these people, was PROMISED that they would arrive before Christmas. Well christmas has come and gone, no finger monkeys, no gifts for my two grand-daughters thanks to these scammers.. | I have a budget and I spent 60.00 in canadian funds as that is what it equals out to be when you convert USA Funds into Canadian funds. That’s a lot of money on a single income. | I wrote letters to this Sara Parson. The first email , she replied to me, stating with all her worth that these would be there in time for Christmas. | I had two VERY SAD grand-daughters at Christmas , as there Nana couldn’t afford to but them another gift .. | This company and this Sara Parson’s need to be held responsible fpr what they have done , not only to me but to all the other people they have ripped off. | There must be a way we can find these theives and have them CHARGED with FRAUD, misleading information and False advertisement. | I want a full refund and I want these people Charged and sent away!!! | I am not gonna stop, till justice has been reached..