I placed an order to purchase a waterfall from the company Laguna Waterworks for a new property my parents purchased. This waterfall was as a house warming gift to them … They had not moved into the property but we wanted to make sure that furniture and other items are being delivered so that they could start placing them where they belong. The waterfall cost us around $2800.00 which includes shipping and taxes. We were told in the initial transacation that the waterfalls are custom made and would take a couple weeks for them to be shipped out. We waited more than a couple weeks and the waterfall never showed up. I emailed the owner of the company Tom Ray ([email protected]) and he stated that the delivery was going to be on a set date. We had not moved in at that time and had asked our contractor to be present on that date to accept delivery (keep in mind I am paying my contractor $150 a day). The shipment never arrived and neither did we get any phone call from Laguna Waterworks or the logistics company. The next day we get a call from a shipping company (Lets call it shipping company A) and they schedule a delivery for the next day … we sent our contractor again to wait for the waterfall. Once again the waterfall doesnt show up. This is when I called Customer service at Laguna Waterworks and they stated they dont deal with shipping but the original rep stated that Tom Ray, the owner would more than likely compensate us for at least some of the fees we had paid our contractor. The shipping issue continues to keep on going for another 5 days and the waterfall gets moved around from one shipping company to another and each one of them calling us and setting a delivery time and date and non of them showing up. I did finally speak with a customer rep called Mike Kristie and he was extremley rude and made sure to tell us that Tom will not reimburse us for anything eventhough a prior customer rep stated the exact opposite. We finally received the waterfall but we ended up spending and additional $600 more to pay our contractor. You dont expect to pay for something and have to be given the run around and waist your time and resources. This has been such a huge dissapointment and the communication and level of respect is shamefull.

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