This is a Billing or collection issue as well as service issue. Believe we have been scammed. Perhaps by a company avoiding to pay taxes. My wife had a warning on her computer. She phoned what she believed to be a tech support group. This has been within the recent days so not sure if they helped or installed additional issues. They held our computer network hostage until payment received. Yes, she allowed them access and yes she changed all passwords post issue. They received payment via ? Google Play? prepaid cards. The tech we spoke with was based in California according to him. The payment receipt dept. supposedly located in Buffalo NY according to the individual we spoke to. I asked for address and zip code. Address given was Buffalo NY, zip code was in Florida! The suspicion of fraud and scam was when I requested to see their policies and was denied for proprietary reasons. Managers name Mr. Josh Mathews ph: 929-383-0093 Tech support : Mr Smith ph: 408-337-6011 Please review and confirm or correct my suspicions. So here is another bit of info about this organization. We are told the name of the company, tech support was ‘Geek Squad? . I asked if affiliated with Best Buy, the manager never heard of it!Product_Or_Service: Microsoft tech support No settlement requested – for I would appreciate that contact this company and verify if this is fraudulent and if we were scammed. I do believe that this company avoids taxes by receiving payment via ? Google Play? prepayment cards. }