READERS DIGEST VERSION Guys, if you want to read details, scroll down but if you want the quick snapshot bottom line here it is and being as candid as possible: A. Incorrectly installed my Match Trigger which could have lead to an unsafe condition of the firearm as it was not functioning correctly. THE GLOCK STORE MGT were extremely unwilling and it was only after I made threats to go on Yelp and this site, did they finally agreed to fix what should have been done before leaving store! B. Ruined and incorrectly fitted my Match Grade Barstow Barrel and refused to accept responsibility: THE GLOCK STOR MGT again was extremely unwilling to accept responsibility and again only decided to pay shipping as I had again told them I would write about this experience on this site. Their Custom Gunsmith took too much metal off, thus the barrel was no more accurate than my stock Glock barral because of their gunsmiths who clearly and again were incompetant and did not fit it correcrtly. C. Absolutely worse Customer Service Ever! Hope nobody has to ever be subjected to the abuse I received! I will say however, the customer service reps were extremely sympathatic and cordial. The ones I spoke to agreed I was right and they would pass my concerns to upper management. It is the upper management that was extremly discourteous, rude, and spoke to me in a tone that was very unprofessional. I spent $1200 with this store and for them to deny they errored is horrible! The worse part was the GM was bragging the Barstow Barrel at their cost was only $30.00. Once they received my gun, I finally got word that they could not find anything wrong with the gun, even uploaded a Utube Video showing them rapid firing it and no malfunctions. Even uploaded a photo of the target which was clearly a 7″ and probably larger group. This was clearly insulting as I wasn’t complaining about the gun jamming

I had specifically told them the accuracy between both barrels were same. The GM refused to replace barrel and for the $30.00 that could have saved the day

he chose to ignore and brush me aside. And then the comment he made how I could go ahead and write reviews becuase nobody would believe me since they are a huge store. Not exact words of course but the arrogance for sure. Conclusion My honest conclusion about this store is this; If you know exactly what you want and you know you will never have problems with the product

these guys are a great bunch of guys. However

if you buy anything and are not happy with