First of all I worked for the Home Depot in St. Petersburg, Florida for over 7 years back in the early 1990’s when Bernard Marcus and Arthur Blank (Founders) were CEO and President. I loved working for the “Depot””- “”Bleeding Orange”” as Bernie and Arthur would say at a meeting of the Grand Opening celebration for the new Store #256 in St. Petersburg. Since “”retiring”” to become a Life and Health Insurance Agent I have always kept my loyalty to The Home Depot. Staying out of Lowes and Menards as much as possible when I needed to purchase a Home Improvement or Hardware item. November 2013 we moved to a new townhouse. I have spent about $5

000 in the West Des Moines Home Depot Store #2103 since that time on everything from a new refrigerator to two nice Kohler Toilets. Back in June of 2011 I purchased a nice Milwaukee Electric Tool Corp Cordless Drill/Driver. The Hardware/ Tool Clerk asked me if I wanted to purchase the Asurion 2-Year Extended Warranty. He went on to explain that this was a REPLACEMENT Warranty and if I had any problems with my drill for the next 2 years I could come into any Home Depot and get the thing replaced. What this Clerk did not explain to me was that Milwaukee already had a full FIVE YEAR MANUFACTURERS’ warranty from the start. That warranty was limited to mail-in for repair/ or possible replacement- with a refurbished or reconditioned drill- if they could not repair mine. I did not realize this rather important fact at the time. In hindsight I would NOT have purchased a 2 year extension on the existing 5 years Milwaukee was offering. I went on to the Home Depot/ Asurion web site to file a claim yesterday. I received and error message stating that my drill was still under the Milwaukee Factory Warranty and that I would have to go in person to the Home Depot or call the manufacturer- Milwaukee. I visited The Home Depot Store# 2103 in West Des Moines today- thinking I would be getting a new drill and I would be very happily and on with my day as usual. Turns out I was dead wrong! First I start with Wendy at returns. She is usually very efficient

albeit a bit curt. She told me there was nothing she could do- so sent me to the “”Tool Rental”” department. A guy in the tool rental confirmed that my Milwaukee Cordless Drill did indeed have a faulty switch and the motor smelled like it had burned. He also told me all he could do was to mail the drill into Milwaukee and in 6 to 8 weeks they may or may not repair it. I explained to him- like to Wendy- that I had been smart (I thought!) and purchased the REPLACEMENT WARRANTY. He checked and got me a phone number and said if I called Asurion/(Home Depot Division) they would send me a Home Depot Gift Card in the mail which I could then use to purchase a new replacement drill. I was not too thrilled with this option – since I am in the middle of a deck repair project- so I went back to Wendy and demanded to speak to the Head-Main Store Manager- Brandon J Lansing. Now “”back in the day”” under Bernie and Arthur when a customer was so dissatisfied and upset like I was and got all the way to the “”Big-Guy”” they got almost anything they asked for

( e Clerks got the what for later as well!) We used to have a saying in Store # 256 in the 1990’s: “”An upset customer asks for a foot- we give them a yard and then they (customer)ends up wanting a pool installed in that yard””! I did not then and still do not feel I was asking for a “”pool””…maybe a yard- certainly some empathy and someone empowered to help resolve my consternation. Manager BJ did get on the phone with Asurion- but ended up handing me the receiver when a Customer Service rep from Asurion came on line. What I learned to my dismay is that I had purchased an additional 2 years on top of the 5 from Milwaukee and that made it a total of 7 years- but did NOT cover in store replacement at all. Now the actual name of the warranty that I purchased on the Asurion website is: D25 HARDWARE 2 YR EPP REPLACE $100-$149.99. I was really upset at this time. BJ just stared at me and I stormed out. I got home to watch my Grandchild and decided you know what I’m just going to call The home Depot Corporate- I’m sure they will care and get me some satisfaction. WRONG AGAIN! After a fairly short wait I was connected to who sounded like the right person-WRONG AGAIN! After I share my tale of woe this idiot transfers me to someone who will REALLY be able to help-who has no idea why I am calling. I tell my entire story again only to be put on hold while this Customer Service Rep calls the West Des Moines Store # 2103 “”to partner up with them”” she says. After a few minutes I am told there is nothing anyone can do- I need to mail my drill into Milwaukee for repair. I have several DIY jobs coming up before the first snow that will total about $2

000. Guess where I am NOT going to be purchasing all my supplies…..right NOT The Home Depot…that’s for sure! What a shame a once great company goes down the crapper! I would blame Obama but that would just not be fair!”