I placed an online order March 25, 2009. My bank account was charged within 24 hours. I never received the product. I placed my first phone call April 11 and spoke with someone who said he would email me on the status of order. Since then I have sent five or more emails, spoken on the phone with several different people a total of eight times and left several phone messages when the voice mail is not full. I have had so many different reasons/explanations/assurances given that it would take too long to give them all. Some examples…”we will credit your account””; “”will have supervisor call me””; “”I have all your information in front of me””; “”can’t refund your account directly so we will send a money order””; “”the money order has been sent”” [the check is in the mail!!]…After three months I have had one return email stating “”you will get your refund””; no name

no apology

nothing. Of course as of June 30 no refund. nStevenOlivebridge

New YorkU.S.A.”

homestore3.com Internet U.S.A.