I furnished a loan of $1000 to Jeremy Halbert-Harris, the founder of the JH2 Group for a fundraiser dinner in Atlanta, GA occuring in late April. I was provided a contract that stated I would receive the $1000 plus 46% interest ($1460) in mid-May. The payment was to be received in full, or a penalty would occur. | I never received a single payment from Jeremy Halbert-Harris. I followed up numerous times via phone call and text messages. I was met with excuses and false promises of receiving a payment in the near future. It is now September 13, 2016 and I have not received a penny from money owed to me in mid-May. | I would run far away from this “business” the person running it, Jeremy Halbert-Harris, is irresponsive to his clientele, and his words carry little weight. He should not be trusted with your money. | The website for this company is www.thejh2group.com


  • Name: The JH2 Group
  • Country: United States
  • State: Georgia
  • City: Atlanta
  • Address:
  • Phone:
  • Website: www.thejh2group.com