Lasik Vision Institute was/is a scam and rip off. From the beginning of your contact with them, they increase the advertised pricing. They advertise $699 per eye, after your “consultation ” that same person eye cost is $1099. When you ask about the pricing, you will be ignored. Another false/scam/fraudulent practice is that they add a “lifetime” service for another $500. Once you pay that,they still require you to pay an additional $99. for that service annually, whether it’s needed or not, to enjoy the benefits of the unused $500 you paid initially. Be forarmed and forewarned. Do not pay that extra $500. If you have received a coupon for the “low price” of $699 or $599, make sure you only pay that. The extra $500 for the “lifetime” exams is just money you have given the Lasik Institute., never to be utilized by you and you will NEVER see the benefit of giving them your hard earned cash. No matter how they paint it. do not fall for the lie that the consultant say. I wonder who received that pay? The sales consultant or the institute? Whoever benefits, it will not be you for sure.


  • Name: The LASIK Vision Institute
  • Country: United States
  • State: Alabama
  • City: Birmingham
  • Address: 3595 Grandview Parkway, Suite #125
  • Phone: 205-968-6526
  • Website: