I took a dating boot camp by a guy named Ronnie Libra a while back. It was a complete rip off. I had moved on and learned my lesson of being careful in the future. But recently I ran into a guy involved in the PUA community and he was planning of taking a boot camp from Ronnie. This guy was going to put off a semester of collage to pay for it. I told him my story and he changed his mind. I saved him from getting ripped off and it got me thinking that I should probably write a rip off report and prevent others from losing their money as well. | Ronnie Libra is a so called dating coach that operates around the Chicago area. I forget how I found his FB group -at the time called Midwest Lair and now called The Spartan Revolution- where he constantly posted about his Coaching services. Prior to this I had been working on a business that I started which took a lot of hours from me and I hadn’t really had time to go out much. I had girlfriends in the past but I wanted to get back to the dating scene but first polish up my skills and hit the ground running so I contacted him. I had just hired someone to help me with the business so I had some downtime and this was the perfect time for me to take boot camp. | We had a phone consultation. I was interested in the 7-day boot camp which he said would be done in 4 continous weekends. He wanted to meet up as soon as possible to collect the money. He was willing to meet up the same day wherever I wanted so he can collect the money. He said if I was serious about improving my life I had to meet up the same day. I told him I had a meeting with a client and could not do it that it would have to be on the first day of instruction on that coming Saturday and he finally agreed. He also said that there was no money back. I remembered seeing reviews that he posted and his many Facebook posts saying that he takes guys to the next level and posting pictures of his former students with new girlfriends. So I assumed he was good. But looking back that was a big red flag. Especially from a business standpoint if someone says “no money back once you give it to me” that means they can’t stand behind their work and offer no guarantee of what they are agreeing to do. | We met up that Saturday. I was there 20 minutes early and he was already there. The first thing he told me was “you have the money right ?”. I gave him the money. I had never felt that uneasiness during a transaction before. That first day it was mostly him telling me to approach. He said he’d send an email with homework. | We met again the next day and it was mostly to “fix my fashion”. He was wearing the same clothes as the day before and actually he wore the same clothes every time I saw him after. He always wore a soy sauce t-shirt and some sort of wide leather wrist bands. He did not look modern at all but I went ahead with it since I thought that he knew his s*. | During the initial phone consultation he didn’t give a time to meet on the weekends he just said get be ready at any time for when I call you. So the second weekend i waited I was ready since the morning and he never called. I called him around 5p.m. and he said no boot camp that day. The next day same thing happened I was ready all day. He did not call. And when I called him he got upset and said I have to wait for his call. But nonetheless there was no boot camp that day. | The fact that I had wasted two days waiting for him while I could have been doing other stuff was very disrespectful on his part. | It was now around Wednesday a week and a half after we first met that Saturday and he still hadn’t sent the homework. I emailed him. Finally got a response on Thursday. The homework was basically to look at some YouTube videos -which most i had seen before- from other Pua guys including mystery. One of the videos said when you first meet a girl yank her toward you to prove your dominance. That looked ridiculous. I wondered if that’s how he approached and got success because that first weekend I didn’t see him approach. | That next Friday he was supposed to introduce me to an assistant coach who would take me to do night game. Ronnie texted me that evening to tell me the assistant coach was not going to make it. He told me to just work on my homework for the night. | The next day we went out I finally saw him approach but he was not doing anything like the videos he sent me. That day I got a couple numbers but I had gotten numbers in the past so it wasn’t anything new. As far as content he really didn’t really provide anything specific to me. He would just talk about pick up in general and say how good he was throughout the day but I still hadn’t even seen him get a number. | The next day after waiting for his call i texted him. He said no boot camp he had a headache. | The following weekend on that Saturday I waited and again I had to reach out to him in the afternoon. He said he was sick as a dog and couldn’t make it that weekend. We were now four weekends into this the boot camp and it should have been completed but we were not even halfway. Up until this point I hadn’t received any tailored information that would help me individually. Most of it was just him telling me to go approach. But I didn’t really have an approach problem before. In fact I felt like he was messing me up. The last session we had he had told me to go approach a girl using the ATM machine. I told him I was going to wait until she gets away from it. He said I need to get in the habit of just going and insisted I go. As expected the girl got scared and told me “no thank you” even before I said one word. | Next weekend comes we meet up that Saturday. | There was another guy taking bootcamp for the first time. The guy was talking to Ronnie like Ronnie is a pick up master. He must have also seen the stuff Ronnie posted and believed it. I hadn’t seen anything in person that made me believe Ronnie was any good at all. The three of us approached. Ronnie approached a lot of girls that looked around 18 or 19. The girls we’re getting creeped out by him. I don’t know if it’s because he’s in his late 40’s or he is big with a lot of weight on him. The girls would have a disgusted look on their face and quickly walk away from him. I approached a two set. Ronnie joined in and immediately was trying to Kino a girl by placing his hand on her bare shoulder, she had a tanktop. She got really uncomfortable and said “please don’t touch me”. At that moment her friend grabbed her by the hand and said “we have to go nice meeting you”. I have only seen intoxicated guys in bars do it the way he did it. | The following day -Sunday- I texted Ronnie that I was going to be 10 minutes late. He said that if I’m past 10 minutes he would charge me $50. I thought he was joking but he was serious. It was ridiculous because all the prior times that we met up he was always late, except the first day that we met when I gave him the money. He told the other student that he needed to loosen up and for them to go to a bar first to get a couple drinks and he made the student buy him 2 drinks. After that we all approached but I still wasn’t getting any new content from Ronnie. I could have easily approached on my own. And gotten the same results which was about 2 or 3 numbers day. That day was the only time I saw him get a number from a lady who was probably in her 40’s and most guys would consider a 6. | The following weekend Ronnie was again late about 15 minutes. The other student showed up 5 minutes after Ronnie and Ronnie made him give him $20 for being late. This was getting ridiculous Ronnie only cared about the money. There was no structure to his bootcamp and no set schedule. He did everything on the fly with disregard to other peoples schedules and he could be late as much as he wanted but when others were late he took advantage to collect more money. Ronnie always seemed to be in a bad mood and grumpy. He did not seem to be the type of person that anyone especially a girl would like to be with . He has no charisma, no fun attitude, and he most definetly does not display that cool calm confidence that makes people successful. He looks for things in his environment to complain about or throw fits about. He was always talking about hypothetical scenarios in which somehow he is always better than others. I work with a lot of successful business owners and i can tell that Ronnie is way behind in all areas of his personality and traits. At this point I couldn’t wait for the next day because it would be my last day of bootcamp but at the very least I wanted to finish it. The next day he texted no boot camp. | The next weekend we met up with the other student it was my last day. Ronnie said he had a slight headache and still hungover from last night. It then dawned on me why he had been cancelling all those prior days. Because he was drunk the night before. Almost every day we had met for bootcamp I had seen him go and get a glass of wine or a beer. But it never clicked until now that he is an alcoholic and that’s why he was canceling all those days . The other student asked him if he was going to have bootcamp the next day for sure. Ronnie went into a frenzy and started yelling at him telling him not to question his method and that there’s a method to his madness. But now I knew that there is no method to his madness. He just likes to get drunk and do boot camp when he feels like it even though he is certainly not qualified to coach anyone. Somehow he is just able to convince people he is good with dating. I had not seen Ronnie do any successful approach other than get a number from a 6. He hadn’t taught me anything new. And he is not able to implement anything that he talks about or from videos he sent me. After bootcamp was over I deleted him from my Facebook and just moved on. | I was still part of his Facebook group the Spartan Revolution and there’s always guys calling him out for faking reviews or creating other accounts and posting as a student. Every now and then accusations of him doing worse things than what happened to me pop up on that group. But his friends on that group attack everyone that calls him and that person usually gets kicked out and post deleted. | About nine months later i saw that he had posted a picture of me as a “success story” on the group. It said that after boot camp he does not see his students again or hear from them and they dissapear – Surprise surprise right?- and then one day he comes across their picture that shows they are now successful with women because of his bootcamp. I had seen similar ‘success story ” posts from him before. I had thought they were a testament of how good he was. Well turns out the picture this idiot downloaded from my facebook and posted as a Sucess was a public picture i had just been tagged on where I’m hugging my cousin. I messaged him immediately to take that picture down and not go into my FB. He deleted the post and shortly after removed me from the group. |


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