We each bought $35 tickets to this event so that my mom and I could send candles up to celebrate the life of my departed father, *** ****** ****** *******. This scam website takes full advantage of grieving families wanting to commemorate the life of a beloved family member by luring them in with this breathtaking video, taking their money, and leaving them angry and embarrassed. According to the events calendar and reviews, they are doing this in an ever-widening circle. Vultures who scam grieving families deserve to go to jail for a long time. We want our money back from these thieves. thelightsfest.com/ youtu.be/qBdB-g0XAoYYou buy your tickets, get ready for an emotional weekend, pack your bags and snacks and drive two hours to mingle with other like minded people grieving the loss of a loved one, and arrive at the venue: an empty field. No one there. Event cancelled. Despite repeated attempts to get a refund, you are told to take your tickets and drive even farther to a later event."Giving Back: We are committed to creating a light-filled world. We strive to work with local non-profits in every city we go to as well as national charities that are passionate about the same things we are. The Lights FestTM loves giving back."…Unless it’s your refund on a canceled bogus event. All they give back is grief.