You get what you pay for….. The painters are not a representive of the company. The company outsources their painting to whom ever they can find to take the job. I lucked out and got decent painters, even though they did not clean up at all….. so I had a lot of painted trim and doors. But be very aware of their billing. $475 for two painters for the day…. They said they would invoice me for $200 via pay pal and I would pay the remaining $275 to the painters in cash. I got along great with the painters I came out, Angel and his crew. I called to let them know that they had arrived, one on time, one an hour late, Angel said he was stuck in traffic. But both stayed later. Once both painters arrived, I called about the invoice….. No answer….. finally got a hold of Samatha, who said she would send it out. When it arrived, I read the invoice and didnt give it much thought and paid it. THen I re read it and it said the invoice should have been for $200 vs the $275 I paid, So I called Samatha and she said she could issue a refund if I had a pay pal account, which I didnt. So she said she would contact her supervisor. I called three more time without a call back from her supervisor. So I paid the painters the $275, since it was not their fault and contacted the credit card company and challenged the bill two days later. Challenging only the $75. The next day, Travis calls and leaves a NASTY voice mail without his number to call him back. So I call the 877 number and samatha without response yet again. Saying how he would visit my house and would put a lein on my home. Travis, you have my contact information as I have left several messages. You are a scam artist. What sort of person can take credit card information but can’t issue refunds. I over paid, now you do your part and pay up what is due. Do NOT do business with Travis and the local painters. They will rip you off. Buyer beware with this company.

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