I would never ever recommend this company. The following is my experience with them on March 20 – 22. Take it as you will. On Friday we called after reading their ad on Craigslist. Travis tells us we can hire four guys for Saturday at 8:30. He says to pay half on Paypal when they get there and half in cash to the painters when they are done. Saturday comes and there’s no one there at 8:30. We woke up at 5:45 am and crossed the bridge to get there. No one is answering the phone. 9am comes and goes. No one is answering the phone or calling back. It isn’t until close to 10 that someone finally talks to us and tells us that the painters aren’t coming. They are having car trouble (later proven to be a lie). We are told that we will get $75 off and the four painters can come the next day (today). I have an issue with this. On several review sites, this company says you can get $50 off if you go with their company regardless of the bad reviews, which they call slander and lies. Some of the sites say the painters are good but the owners are shady. We need this place painted now so we decided to risk it. So with that being said, Travis only offering $75 seems wrong to me. I feel like I should have got $50 because of his public offer and in my opinion $25 isn’t worth the time it took to drive almost three hours for NOTHING, getting no curtousy call, and standing around twiddling our fingers for nearly two hours. So today comes and it’s time to paint and no one is there. A half hour later we get a call. The painters are at the wrong house. Okay, honest mistake. They show up. There’s only three. We asked for four and expected four. Not only that, the painter tells us they didn’t have car trouble. The problem was that they had another job. So basically Travis told us we could have four painters who were supposed to be somewhere else. Great. I could have ordered other painters if we had just been told they weren’t available. To top it off, the painters don’t have a ladder. So they need to go get one. I’m told this will be about an hour. They leave We call Travis and he tells us the painters don’t want to come back because we were unwilling to pay for 2 painters while the third painter left for an hour to get a ladder. They didn’t want to stay late (which they would have had to anyway since they showed up late). Travis tells us he can send painters tomorrow and waive the paypal fee. He says we can call the painter back We call the painter back. No answer. No return calls. The painter simply bailed on us. We have to move in this week and were stuck painting all day by ourselves when we were supposed to have a four man crew start YESTERDAY. We are selling our house and have to be out this week and now we have to be fully responsible for painting our new place. I can’t believe how incredibly incompetent and unprofessional this company is. It’s obvious they can’t be counted on. This could have all been avoided has Travis simply told us he didn’t have any painters available for the day we needed them. Simply put, F*** this s**t. (we found some new painters who are only too glad to have our business.)

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