I categorized her as “spellcaster/magician” above, but she is actually more akin to a metaphysical guru who charges obscene amounts of money to tell you your “money story.” Her claim is that by giving insight into your relationship with money, you can attract more money. | I knew Dana for some time, and had paid for energy work before. While she seemed open and compassionate, it became clear that money was all she cared about. | I even told her straight out, “You’re all about the money, Dana and I don’t think I can work with you anymore.” After that, she cut off contact and wrote about what I said in her monthly newsletter, using the fact that money is “spiritual” to defend her philosophy and descredit anyone who questions her. | But this somatic money thing isn’t the first scheme she’s tried. Before this, she would make outrageous videos stating that Spirit arrived in a mothership outside her home and told her to channel dead scientists and charge people money to hear their words. | She claimed this was a suggestion from Spirit that would sustain her practice and also give back to the scientific community. She even pledged to give 1/3 of the profits to a scientific organization to fund more research. | Once that failed to win customers, she deleted all her “scientist channeling” videos so that even the people who paid for them didn’t have access anymore. Then when she started the somatic money racket, she deleted all evidence of the scientist series so that she wouldn’t be held to it anymore (since she had dreamt up a new way to scam people, there was no reason to continue). | Dana is also highly delusional and I suspect she has made up lies about herself in order to make herself seem spiritual. She once claimed that “Spirit” had revealed to her that she was molested as a child. | She says this stuff for attention, in order to increase her following and have people (she surrounds herself with equally deluded spiritualists) fawn and fuss over her. Midlife crisis? Who really knows. | She seemed believable at first, but the lies just spun out of control and led me to believe she is nothing but a charlatan and a money-hungry fake. Do not waste any money on her. Your “money story” can be figured out quite easiily without losing 500 bucks to have her tell it to you.


  • Name: The Magic Of Somatic Money
  • Country: United States
  • State: Colorado
  • City: Durango
  • Address:
  • Phone: 970-527-4412
  • Website: www.somaticmoney.com/