My 85 yr mother went and bought a mattress at The Mattress store in Cerritos California. She paid 1/2. She has not heard from them and it’s been since Oct 27 and they cashed her check two days later. So she went up to the store and pad lock on the doors. Mail on the floor and no one there. When you call the number it is out of service. When you check the website no longer on the internet. When you call store no phone service. I drove to three other locations same thing. Doors locke mail on floor. I spoke to one other business next to one of the locations and they owner said it’s weird they just left and haven’t been there and no activity? How said for anyone who has experienced this too. My mother is so besides herself can’t believe this would happen!

11705 South Street, Cerritos, California Internet United States of America

562 246 0466

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