We moved in June 9th 2013.They came in January 2014 ,with no prospectiveds.They have a 2nd degree felon as manager ,and they change everything when they want to.We bought the trailer in 2016 and in may of 2017 we put it in our sons name ,told the manager that it is in our sons name…They started putting notices on our door saying that we were behind on the payment to buy the trailer, and we showed reciepts that we werent behind on buying it.They refused my lot rent in May 4th 2018,i had a witness with me when i went to pay the lot rent in may and the manager said that she couldnt take it .they didnt want to work with me ,I talked to the owner and tryed to fix it .they do false documents and running go residents out of the park.me and my wife are homeless now because they evicted us from our sons trailer.they broke all the rules and regulations for mobile home act.they agained possession of property with out owner being notified by false paperwork to court.they keep harassessing our son and he owns 2 mobile home in the park.and theres more and lots more


  • Name: The Meadows Group, LLC.
  • Country: United States
  • State: Texas
  • City: Houston
  • Address: 9575 Katy Freeway, Ste 100
  • Phone: 713-647-9878
  • Website: www.themeadowsgroup.com/