So I placed an order with on a Thursday and paid an extra 20 dollars for over night shipping. The company didn”t deliver so when I called to inquire they said since it was my first order a dress for 500$ they had to run a credit check on me. When did buying a dress online become a credit check? So I said I was unaware of this they said it”s for the protection of me the customer to avoid misused credit cards. Wouldn”t I have my credit card company cancel any charges if a credit card was being misused? So I said well you didn”t fulfill the overnight shipping and I needed the dress for an event and they refused to refund the 20 overnight shipping charge. They where rude and called me back several times to insure the point that they where not going to refund my 20 dollars. This company in my mind has the worst customer service I have encountered in years. This was my first and last purchase with them. A dissatisfied customer!

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