I purchased a watchband as a gift from TheNinthCo., their website is very nicely designed and they had a nice product selection. After the watchband arrived, I realized it wouldn’t work for the watch I was purchasing. I atttempted to contact them using their support email address, but no one ever responds. | I have sent about 4 emails to them, no response. They don’t list a phone number nor an address. The address I’ve indicated was on the mailing envelope in which the watchband arrived. They have only many favorable review on their website. But, when I attempted to give them a review for their poor customer service, I see there is no actual place to review them on their website. | I don’t know how they have garnered all the favorable review they display unless they posted these reviews themselves. Any way, others should beware. It seems that if you buy it, you own it, with no recourse or opportunity to return it. | I suppose if you have a problem with a watchband, you won’t get any resolution from them either. I haven’t even taken the watchband I bought out of the packaging, as it won’t fit the watch I bought. I wouldn’t mind paying a shipping / restocking fee to return it, but I can’t even do that!


  • Name: The Ninth Company
  • Country: United States
  • State: California
  • City: Chino
  • Address: 13725 Pipeline Ave.
  • Phone:
  • Website: