Complaint: This place willing hires illegal immigrants, they do so mostly by using dead peoples SS#. they hire in good for nothing family and friends who cant get jobs anywere else and favor them over regular workers. they constantly lie to everyone there and any customer they deal with just to scam money out of them. they use drugs on the job while operating machines and natural gas kilns that could blow up and kill 100s of people. they threaten anyone who tries to tell on them or fight them, they sexually harass the women that work at this complex and they do all this and get away with it because its all run by family who sweep everything under the rug and they say that nothing can be done about it because they are small 100 or so employees, here are some drugs they do ON THE JOB!! beer meth adderal hash pain killers xanax

Tags: Work Place Bullies

Address: 160 old mill ave pigeon forge, Tennessee United States of America


Phone: 1-865-429-2107