Contacted this company on Monday to set appointment on Tuesday. Requested 8am start time to allow me to get to work. Informed at that time that payment was due in cash. Upon questioning, was told again, “Yes

we only take cash””. Painter called the next morning at 7:45 and said “”so I’ll be there about 10am””. To which I responded

“”you’re kidding

right?””. No

he had not gotten the time on the work order and let me know that he had a late job the night before. Not sure how this was my problem at all. I agreed to leave work to come meet him at 10 and realized I had a meeting that I had to be in the office for. When I got to work I called the painter back and when he picked up his phone he began screaming at me until I was able to tell him that I was the person he was supposed to paint for that day and I asked him if he could come at 9:30. I felt uneasy about it and then I got a call from the same number and thought he might have needed more information. When I picked up the phone he again began screaming at me thinking I was another customer he had a problem with. At this point when I got off the phone I was completely uncomfortable having this person in my home and when I called to cancel he wasn’t happy and wanted to explain why he was yelling at customers. I wasn’t interested in knowing the reason. When I called the company to tell them what happened the girl that answered responded with disbelief and proceeded to tell me that “”the owner insists on placing ads in areas that he does not have reliable crews in”” and she was sorry. Apparently