Complaint: WATCH OUT This owner ALAME, HAMZE N is the same owner from US Pavers and Supplies that ripped off many homeowner and closed his business to start a new one and Rip off more homeowners. GO to link below and type ALAME, HAMZE you will see Many past charges including Drugs Ripoffs and homeowner suing him and his past business. Also his latest charges Charges Resulting from Arrest on 10/27/2011 Detention Facility: BSO 1.Give False Name On Dl Or Id Application Counts: 1 Bond: $0.00 2.Fraud-false Statement To Dept. Of State Counts: 1 Bond: $0.00 3.Perjury – Make False Affidavit Counts: 1 Bond: $0.00 4.Perjury In An Official Proceeding Counts: 1 Bond: $0.00 do your homework before giving money..

Tags: Builders & Contractors

Address: 2225 S FLAMINGO RD Fort Lauderdale, Florida United States of America


Phone: 954-573-3252