Complaint: The Phone Support called and said they could fix my computer and wanted access to it and showed me all kinds of things that were suppose to be wrong with my computer. The said they wanted $128. to fix it and then $14.99 a month. They paniced me into thinking my computer was in bad shape. They said they would put some programs on my computer. I noticed they were using a Malware program, but did not put it on my computer which I found odd. They said they would secure my computer. I called them yesterday because when I was trying to type words on my Internet site they would turn blue. Chris said he was the sowner. Klause was the one who was suppose to fix my computer. They called from 855 765-6711. He did not seem to care; yet I was promised I could call any time and they fix the problem. I feel I was scamed and am totally disatisfied and how my computer is acting. I beleive I was scammed. I paid with a Capital One Credit Card. It said in my email a co called Safecart handled that transaction. I am 66 and I have been very ill. I get SSI & SS. I live off $750 a month, so I really could not affford to pay that. They say if I give them more I won’t have to pay the monthly fee. It is truly a rip off. I am not of sound mind right now & they took advantage of that. Laura Houston. Texas

Tags: Computer Service & Repair

Address: Nationwide USA