On Aug 18 I received an email from Ashley Lucas, that I can participate in surveys. The email address is an email address I used for work related emails only. I responded that I was interested and received an email back to fill out the form. It looked ligit. I have done surveys before and got paid on so I thought to check this out.Over the weekend I have been receiving a text message (850-800-4147) asking me to confirm that I have received the payment and instructions to my first assignment. I didn’t response not know who he was. Says He is David Rose, HR Manager Customer Service Evaluation Team The Premier Opinion Outpost Company. I have not received any more texts since Monday because I blocked receiving from this number.I wasn’t in my office Monday when I came in Tuesday, there was a priorty enveloped so I opened it and it has a check for $ 2300.00 check was signed by James Porter from Rotary Club of Coatesville. Along with the check is a sheet of instructions. I was to deposit the check and use certain amount to shop and evaluated then $ 2000.00 i am suppose to send a western union to an Ashely Donald with an address in the Philippines.So obviously this is a scam…. actually it is more than a scam…. there fore I went on your website and a ScamPulse.com scam tracker. I believe I should take this in to the local police department….