Complaint: A consumer advocate in Phoenix has brought this issue to my attention. We here at feel that is our job to expose deception of any kind. We want you to be an informed consumer before you even think of parting with your hard earned money. Doing some research for a attorney in Arizona one of Ripoff Scamsers/advocates finds that the Monroney law “MSRP window sticker”” does not apply to RV and motor homes. Let’s say you are thinking of buying a brand new RV from a RV dealership. Let’s say a RV sales person helps you find a RV that will fit your needs. The RV that you want to buy has a MSRP attached to it that says $225

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Address: 000 is the cost. The salesman decides that you are a smart RV consumer and he wants to find a smart way to Rip you OFF. So he says to himself I want to bend this RV buyer over and take a bit more than normal RV deal. He could take you to a RV that is priced at $225

Website: 000. You might say OK and WHAM!! you have been Ripped OFF for $20

Phone: 000 but the unit “”RV”” has had the MSRP removed. You fall in love with the RV that has no MSRP