The Reinken Law Firm Eric Reinken, Jennifer Mason Lost An Easy Case Nationwide!!. The Reinken Law Firm’s paralegal Jennifer Mason accepts cases the firm does not intend to pursue, sold out to the other side. She had a DWI and unregistered motor vehicle criminal case pending when she accepted my case. Eric Reinken focuses on cases outside the scope of his practice in hopes of making ends meet like sexual assault cases where he jumps on board with another attorney. His client files are open to the public and scattered all over his office (which consists of a big table and two chairs). Very uncomfortable he scared my son who was balling by the time our consultation was over. Does not ask any questions during interview then terminates representation months later for personal reasons so I cant find another lawyer because my case is stale. He is 6’4″ tall extremely unhealthy and gives bad information. In the end he lost to a convicted felon who is in the

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