Complaint: The River house Coops are a money grabbing organization. They first show your the most expensive apartments for ‘sale’. This company under Linda,the manager will take thousands of dollars of your money,and give you a certificate saying that you ‘own’ the unit. You supposedly have ALL the benefits of a house. Victory the front desk bull dog will harass you and report to Linda every thing you do or say.She also calls up her girlfriends in the building and gossip about you because she has access to your personal information and (medical). Residents start their remodeling projects sometimes after 10pm,and the front desk,which are over-payed residents,cannot tell where the noise is coming from. Not a good place if you are retired. Great views of the Detroit River, but you must put plastic on your windows in the winter time. The evication rate is horrendous! You should get your deposit back,and you don’t most people have there things dumped in the garbage where fellow tenets and neighbors pic over. The fees that you pay are equivalent to ‘rent’. The maintenance/cleaning staff report to Victory at the front desk which further add fodder to their gossip network. Its one big joke and most people are stuck there waiting for Detroit to turn around so they can sale their unit to some unsuspecting buyer. With elevators breaking down every month I wouldn’t recommend this ghetto hole to anyone.

Tags: Clubs & Organizations

Address: 8900 E. Jefferson Detroit, Michigan United States of America


Phone: (313) 821-2700