Filed under questionable activities and complained about are Sanctuary 1860 Ayahuasca Retreat Centre PORTUGAL, Earth Connection PORTUGAL, Johannes Maasland, and other associates Daniela Markert, Alexandra and Attila Akat. | This is reported in the public interest for those looking to consume Ayahuasca tea ( a shamanic psychedelic medicine) in Portugal. There is a major scandal on the ground in Portugal because some amateurs without any shamanic training certificates or any other accreditation, have set up two retreat centres, one called Earth Connection Portugal and one called Sanctuary 1860 Ayahuasca Retreat Portugal. | The matter is detailed here:- | | If you do not find experienced shamans, it is dangerous to drink Ayahuasca, because amateurs cannot handle the energy navigate the medicine space or attend to deeper difficulties in a ceremony. | When amateurs set up such retreats for profit and with the intention of being number one in Portugal for Ayahuasca, the intention is not pure and trouble happens. | one must only partake in Ayahuasca with accredited or properly trained shamans who have been initiated in the Amazon Rainforest. | The scandal involves several things that people should know about. | 1. A police raid for cannabis in the family. See proof here. | | and in the pictures showing the police tweets and showing that the retreat centre busted was in Travanca, matching the police tweets, there is also police arrest snapshots from the Portuguse police (GNR) website. | This happened at Earth Connection Portugal which has now PERMANENTLY CLOSED. | This is because of the police raid in which 14 kilos of cannabis and LSD was seized, with the suspect awaiting trial. | | 2. Earth Connection Portugal basically passed on their Ayahuasa business (after the raid) to their family members Alexandra and Attila Akat who have NO shamanic training whatsover, yet offer shamanic Ayahuasca retreats. | 3. The shaman of Earth Connection Portugal made death threats toward a Spiritual Master falsely accusing him of being a police informant and is now facing trial in Portugal alongside the cannabis – police report reference number (37.17.0 GLCSA) | 4. Because of the scandal, retreats may be cancelled at short notice and deposits lost, as there are police investigations currently ongoing and Court cases scheduled later this year. | 5. Sanctuary 1860 Ayahuasca Retreat Centre is expected to close, as the amateur shaman arrested for cannabis makes their Ayahuasca, and once there is no Ayahuasca, there are no retreats. Be careful. | 6. The retreat centres mentioned have no ethical codes or guidelines on their website. | The whole matter is a major PR disaster. Google Ayahuasca Portugal Scandal. | See also screenshots of the police raids and the cannabis found, as well as other evidence including extracts of police reports asking for restraining orders and the like.


  • Name: The Sanctuary – Retreat and B&B
  • Country: Portugal
  • State:
  • City: Cravo, Oliveira do Hospital
  • Address: Quinta das Mestras Nogueira Do
  • Phone:
  • Website: