Complaint: SANTA CRUZ PICKLEBALL CLUB The Santa Cruz Pickleball Club is a wonderful example of what is wrong with pickleball. The hyperbole and promotion of pickleball is at all time high; just like that of the yo-yo, hula hoop, pet rock, disco, the electronic pet and any other fad to come down the pike in the last 75 years. The Santa Cruz PickleBall Club presents the following myths that will be debunked. Here are the myths: PickleBall is the fastest Growing Sport in the United States; that PickleBall is full of warm, caring, intelligent, honest, and community oriented people. They tout the benefits of pickle ball as being equal to those of swimming, walking, waters aerobics and other sports, especially in reference to seniors. The easiest place to begin the debunking of these myths is to explore the honesty of the Santa Cruz PickleBall Club and PickleBall and their “mission to grow the sport””. You may

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