Complaint: The highly publicized The Satanic Temple which has a web site has been leading several fund raising campaigns that support Sex Offenders like the Church of Ahriman founded by Adam B Daniels a confirmed and convicted Sex Offender from Oklahoma City (Warr Acres) the statue they claim to be building is merely a ruse for a much darker plan to honor Sex Offenders, they claim to be Satanists which they are really Atheists, Doug Mesner has made a name for himself in Atheism, now under Lucien Greaves has been involved in many criminal actions and is associated with the Church of Ahriman founder and his wife who not only have a Sex Offender Background but also have open charges in Mass. for stalking other religious leaders children, no comments from Doug AKA Lucien have been levied and his statements are for the Church of Ahriman so by association it is in my opinion he is very much in bed with the Church of Ahriman, and since his project has been table by Oklahoma City officials he is now taking aim at many Satanic Leaders in another attempt to make headlines launching frievelous lawsuits all because he is trying to cover his connections to Adam B Daniels a infamous Sex Offender. Lori M

Tags: Cult Organizations

Address: New York USA