Complaint: Last month I received a letter welcoming me to join a secret society of very special and wealthy people. And I was told that I had some tough breaks in life and that I had assets that were special. They said they were not asking for money. I sent the letter in to the society. Then a week or so later I recieved a letter stating that to get the fantasitc secrets used by all the famous moguls, like the Rockefellers, and other famous wealthy families. They wanted me to send in $139.95. I do not believe this offer and would never send any money to an organization that is so secretiv for some 1200 pages of supposed secrets. The original letter stated they would not ask for money so when they did I did not send any, they stated that this was my only chance and they would go to the next personl on the list. Today I recieved a letter stating that I would be given until July 12, 2013 to obtain the 1200 pages of secrets with my family name on it.

Tags: Clubs & Organizations

Address: The Secret Societ P.O.Box 560647 Dallas TX. 75356- Dallas, Texas USA


Phone: (214) 367-3878