Complaint: I found the ad on my computer, It offered a self defense course for $19.00. It stated that if I wanted and I needed to request my refund it had to be sent to through their customer service. The very next day I found out that they have taken another $97.00 from my paypal acount. I sent an email to their customer service as requested. I told them that I wanted my refund of $97.00 to be put back into my paypal account. I did not see where I was going to be charged another amount than the $19.00. THeir disclaimer said that I had 30 days to ask for the refund. I asked for it the very next day. There is no telephone listed on their site. ( Now I know why.) Well, I have asked everyday (10 in a row to customer service). I get no replys asking me why I want a refund, or a reply from customer service. I am really upset that I did’t know better. The Self Defense procedures that are being taught is a joke. You have to go to the site to check it out. I have read other reports that also claim the same problem. My advice is: Do not buy this product.

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