I worked for The Sharper Image for almost ten years. In the beginning it was a great company. Things changed about five years ago. nThat is when they introduced the Ionic Breeze air purifier. This product is pure junk. It became and still is the highest returned product I have ever seen in my 25 years in retail. The company knows it does not perform as they say it does. When Consumer Reports trashed the unit they sued Consumer Reports for libel. They knew the report was the truth. Consumer Reports won the suit. The Sharper Image has never sued Consumer Reports on their testing method. They dispute it. Whoopie. Consumer reports testing is totally correct. Who needs a silent air purifier if it does not move air through it. My tv collects dust. Does that make my tv an air purifier? nThe Sharper Image claims to have a lot of research from major universites saying the Ionic Breeze works. They never produced the studies for me. I assume they dont exist. nThen they have the phony product praise letters that they wrote themselves. nThe best thing is the phony foundation that has awarded their seal to the Ionic Breeze. The Asthma and Allergy Foundation is totally Phony. If you give them enough money, you get their seal. The same is true for the British Allergy Foundation. nThe products are junk. Most products dont work out of the box and they know it and still sell the product because they manufacture the product and order it in huge quantities. nThe joke in the stores is, “How do you know when you are buying junk at The Sharper Image? You know it is junk if it says The Sharper Image on the box. nThe company needs a complete management overhaul. Including district and regional managers along with president

vice presidents


coo. They are all theives. nI quit the Sharper Image after I could not put up with the lies any more. Lies like