First you need to understand the town & people like this do not make it here for long. Plant City is a small family type atmosphere and this man wouldn’t know customer service if it bit him in the A**. They set their battery operated clock (hanging on the wall) ahead to BEAT YOU out of sessions if you are on an unlimited plan, rather than tell you to be 5 minutes early. This is the HIGHEST place in town, but I had been going anyway because it is close to home. SCREW IT– A**HOLES LIKE THIS DO NOT DESERVE my business!! nThey will not get another dime of my money & I will make sure to tell everyone I know about the RUDE way they treat customers. I doubt they’ll be in business much longer anyway though because it used to be hard as hell to get an appointment, but now they are NEVER full & it is probably because the old man has talked to other customers the same way he talked to me. nTo do business in this town, you do not need to talk to your customers as if they are your unruly children. The time issue was nothing more than a minor inconvenience but then rather than say “well mam this is my business & the time on my clock stands. You are 45 seconds late””

he tried to convince me that the US Naval academy set his clock!! The battery operated one on the wall!! I’ll drive further now

and as unhappy customers go I am definitely not the quietest!! I won’t be in this case either!! nCelenanPlant City


2513-1 Thonotosassa Rd Plant City, Florida U.S.A.