I recently moved to the Lincoln Nebraska area and visited a vacuum store called the vacuum company. It read online that the business was in business a longtime. So I didnu2019t think anything bad about goin to check out a new vacuum. Until I walked inside and saw the owner. It all came back to me it was like seeing a ghost. I immediately recalled his face because he was the same man I answered door to years earlier and my grandmother allowed him into our home. I did not want to do any business with him so I proceeded to walk right back out although he did try to stop me. I gave him an eye and said sir I know exactly who you are and I will never do business with you. Heres the reasons why: It was years ago but I remember a crooks face, when they rob from my family. He had convinced my grandma our old vacuum as shot and he had the deal of a lifetime just the vacuum she needs. I was mad at my grandmother from saying yes to buying anything from him because he made me uncomfortable and I also knew there was nothing wrong with our vacuum cleaner. Cause I was the one using our old vacuum most the time. The vacuum was an Electrolux turbo and I loved it was convinced nothing was wrong with it but he somehow convinced my grandmother there was. So this man took our vacuum and came back a day later as he said he would with our new vacuum. A hoover windtunnel I believe. I was really made but I was only in my mind teens what can I do besides whisper to my grandma this guy is a crook grandma tell him you want another Electrolux or something better. I was long hair hippy kid my grandma wasnu2019t going to her me out over another adult she was happy to conversant is all. My grandmother just thought he knew what he was talking about and I am just a kid. So she accepted the vacuum. It wasnu2019t until a week or so later our neighbor came over asking if we knew about the crooked vacuum sales guy. He was going door to door convincing people to allow him to do a free vacuum checkup, then telling everyone their vacuum is bad. He had come to their home they said twice but they denied his service and apparently were one of the few smart ones. Cause he is a total crook. Our hoover was a piece of crap compared to our old Electrolux. I was so upset about this all because my grandma did not have much money, and paid over $500 for a $150 vacuum cleaner. That Hoover worked for about a year at the most and I then went out and bought my grandmother a nice Miele which she still has today I thought to search about him and found an article that confirms my memory of this man being total crook. cjonline.com/stories/030204/bre_salesman.shtml#.V6uX2JgrLIU Now hes running a business in Nebraska and claiming to be in business long time. He preyed on the innocent elderly and victimized peopleu2019s home and privacy. Very sad to see that he would even be allowed to have a business in the vacuum industry. He should be in prison not operating a business. thevacuumcompany.com/

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