Complaint: This is the worse real estate brokerage I have had the unfortunate experience of having to deal with. They are totally unethical. I joined The Virtual Realty Group in or around October 2016. At the time I joined this brokerage, I was unaware that there was any problems going on between the brokerage and their designated managing broker, Anthony Garza. In fact, there actually was no problem. A month later, November 2016. after I had paid my membership fee, the Virtual Realty Group constructed a rouse by telling me that the designated managing broker for the San Antonio/Austin area, Anthony Garza, and The Virtual Realty Group have parted ways, and that he was no longer affiliated with the company. I received no advance notice of this very serious change. As of January 2017, according to the Texas Real Estate Commission, Anthony Garza is still affiliated with the Virtual Realty Group for the San Antonio/Austin, Texas area. It is obvious that this charade was constructed so that the Virtual Realty Group would not have to return my membership fee.

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