Complaint: Ordered 2 of the small whelping boxes advertised on the website. Received the product 2 weeks later and when I opened it, I found it to be a few pieces of extremely poor quality plywood and a few 2 x 2’s slapped together and instructions that were anything but instructions. I e-mailed them requesting a return, only to receive the following reply. (Read below)Im so sorry but no we cant. We have a no return policy. Its clearly stated in our terms and conditions and again when you checked out. Due to the high cost of shipping both ways and nature of the items there are no returns. You dont want to return anyway. There is nothing wrong with your boxes. Those whelping boxes are used in all 50 states and around the world. They are the most popular whelping box sold right now. Everyone from the Aspca to the us government use that box. 44,000 breeders, rescue, shelters and vets use that box! LOL Its simple and highly durable. For extra small whelping box you dont have many other choices anyway. Your only other option was a plastic box and your dogs will chew those up and they are not worth what you pay. If you arent satisfied with those you wouldnt be satisfied with any others either. Sounds like you are new to this, just read the directions and use the boxes as directed and you will be good to go. Line the box with some sort of waterproof material or buy our liners and the cleanup with be easy and there is really nothing else to worry about. The boxes are AKC spec with AKC spec free haning safety rails and Akc spec raised floors. Some homeade job you might get will not have that and will not be near as safe as a real whelping box. You paid a fraction of the cost of just one of your puppies for BOTH boxes so its a no brainer. You have near nothing invested in both boxes and they are guaranteed to save the puppies. Thats what you bought it for. For you little dogs those boxes will last forever. You will have those boxes longer than the dogs. Dont worry a bit. Thanks so much and let us know if you need anything we will always help. Have a great day. Can you belive the nerve of these people telling me I don’t want to return them when I clearly stated to them that I did want to return them. What nerve!All I can say is, if these are the best selling whelping box in the nation, then there are a lot of people out there with Extremely low standards. These were the biggest pieces of crap that I have ever seen and I would be embarassed to even sell one of these myself. You can’t even begin to imagine how bad they are. Just do one thing, stay away from this company, do not do business with them, if you want to do business with them, you might as well open your window and just throw your money out! Please be smart and stay away!

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Address: 3907 Crescent Ave Kansas City, Missouri United States of America


Phone: 816-809-9545