I purchased a puppy from this establishment in mid-December of 2012. The pup had severe bordatella (kennel cough) which had advanced into bronchitis. He was seen by a veterinarian and prescribed 2 weeks of antibiotics which were administered to the letter. The day after his last dose, he became lethargic, listless, and refused to play or even eat. He developed diarrhea and started vomiting. He was taken to an emergent care animal hospital, where he spent the night receiving numerous medications intravenously. The veterinarian who cared for him informed me he was riddled with parasites which had been hosting on him for some time. I called the pet store after the pup’s release from treatment. They told me that I negated any chance of their help and cooperation when I changed the pup’s diet. (An action I pursued under the advisement of the veterinarian which they recommended!) How dare me to have the audacity to heed the advice of a lowly veterinarian rather that of a pet store nutritionalist. Bottom line… they don’t care, and that is the result of my actions? I ask you, “How can I negate that which never existed?”””

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