For a few years already, with the full knowledge of eBay, H Chandra diamonds has been pretending to be the diamond district in New York and scamming buyers under the name the47thdiamond on eBay. | Thsi company runs a site called and sells through eBay as well under the name the47thdiamond. Their real name is H Chandra. They are a father and son business with the father using the name Mike while his real name is Harrish Chandra. | They list diamonds, jewelry and watches on eBay for rediculisly cheap prices. | What customers don’t klnow is that H Chandra/the47thdiamond lies about the diamond grading, sells treated and lab grown diamonds without disclosure plus sells fake Rolex watches. | Their practice was already picked up by Paypal who banned them, but eBay allows them to operate for the commission money eBay makes. EBay has a loupehole in their system where if you get 100 positive feedbacks for every negative, your account is not flagged. | H Chandra has multiple shill accounts that purchase from them 1 to 10 cent items. The shipping alone is a loss, so they use single account to purchase 100 or more sysnthetic stones at 1 cent a piece. That acocunt leaves tons of feedbacks and burries the complaints as well. EBay ignores it and the list of victims gets longer and longer. | Normally, if H Chandra gets the customer to pay with a wire and buy outside of eBay so these people have no place to go to. They love scamming overseas customers who mostly just give up on their loss. Their negative feedbacks are the tip of the iceberg. | | There is no such company called th47thdiamond, the BBB just shut them down as well. The scam has been ongoing, eBay have been complained to multiple times and they have only shut them down once. | Please take the time to go through their negative feedback and consider the following: | Why all auctions are private? Answer: So people don’t see the 1 cent auction feedback for what it is | Can anyone sell at these prices? Answer: Yes, but why sell on eBay when there is a controlled price market where you can always cash out for double of the prices on eBay…too good to be true. | Are these items real? Answer: Mostly not, the pictures they use are computer generated. | These are just some basics, these people are scamming on massive scale and they should be stopped. | Thank you!


  • Name: The47thDiamond
  • Country: United States
  • State: New York
  • City: New York
  • Address: 37 W 47th S
  • Phone: (212) 764-6167
  • Website: