Money Scam!! They Sent me a bogus check


My Complaint: This website claims to be casting extras for the new Nicholas Sparks movie in Wilmington, NC. After applying, I received an email saying a check was in the mail on its way to me and to keep $200 and then wire the rest via western union to Washington. The check is from someone in Miami, however their phone number listed is a land line in Asheville NC, and when I tracked the package it was being sent from Washington! I just received the check and it is labeled Washington Mutual, which is strange since they went out of business in 2008. Also below that it says “Washington mutual” so nice spell check guys! They NEVER even asked for me to confirm my address before sending this check either… and its for just under $1000. Also the casting company agent also is the same name as the lead actor in the upcoming movie, which if this was a real production would NEVER be the case. SCAM SCAM SCAM!!!


My Demand: I would like to keep the money, and see these people pay/not fraud anyone else.