Beware of the new fraudster Kimberly brown from posing as sellers of designer closeout merchandize as low prices. She will collect money from you for shipping samples +shipping cost and will never email you back. I was scammed for 310$ for sample cost+shipping cost and here is the googlecheckout order infoOrder date: Nov 3, 2010 10:07 AM PDT Google order number: 777324105172171Print Shipping Status Qty Item Price Not yet shipped 1Payment request from The Designer Closeout Club Co. – Clothing$315.18 Tax (NC) :$0.00 Total:$315.18Also confirmed from Tradekey that they have banned this company from Tradekey and below is the email information from them.Hope you are well.Thank you for your email.The company The Designer Closeout Club Co. has already been suspended on Please be assured that the company in question has already been banned from the website. Their complete rights have been revoked and they will not able to conduct any business on you for contacting Regards,Shan AhmedAnti-Fraud & is no one else in this company and you can never talk to anyone other than Kimberly and she will never pick up your calls at first. She will wait until people leave voicemails and then will call you back. She will promise that she has all the brands in the world and will supply them at dirt cheap prices. She says the company has 4 warehouses and they export to all parts of the world. Absolutely rubbish , she cannot give you a single testimonial of their company with Bill of Lading information. This company was just started 1 month back to scam people. I am taking legal action against this company and dare I not see any rebuttal from that scamster as I have all the information to prove that she is a scammer. If she has the guts to rebut me then better she give me a tracking number of my order with my name and shipping address in this order.Thanks

The Designer Closeout Club Co. 2885 Sanfor Ave SW Internet United States of America


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