It’s true, what everyone has been saying about this company. I placed an order for the Jem complete DVD boxset (a totally awesome 80s show from my childhood) because I got this from a sponsored link off the ebay website. It looked legit although I had a huge feeling of a scam going on during the process of the order that weighed more and more as I continued. Why didn’t I just follow my gut, seriously. Anyway, after I entered my information and charge stuff it said the order was not completed. Instantly, I knew I was scammed. I called my bank and the charge was already pending and I flagged it for fraud. I might have to cancel the card and start with a new one just to be safe, who knows what that “company”” is going to do with my information. The sponsored link is from Yahoo Search Marketing. Luckily

I used that service in a project for my school to market my friends company so I decided to contact them and let them know that they had a scam site in their sponsored search. They are going to be removing that after they send it to their fraud department. The process may go faster if more people call 1 866 YAHOO SM. Just hit the # key and say to the representative you want to report fraud on one of their sponsored links from ebay. nSeriously

I was so pissed off that I got scammed. I’m so careful and cautious and somewhere in my head I felt ebay is safe so that link must be too. Not the case! I guess one piece I overlooked was my yahoo mailbox. Did anyone notice all of thedvdplanet’s email went straight into the SPAM folder. That should have been sign enough. I deleted my profile from their website but regardless of if I don’t have to pay the $54.99

they still made the money and that makes me the most angry. I hope people will do research on sites and just make sure to buy wanted things off reputable sites like ebay

even if you’ll have to pay a little more