I ordered Goldenfeast bird food for our African Grey from theperchstore.net on 10/30. Still no shipment was made as of 11/13. When I’ve called, the voicemail is full, I’ve sent numerous faxes and emails with no return contact whatsoever. My CC was immediately charged for the 100+ dollars, and I now have no food or my money to buy his food with elsewhere. I tried to contact “Joey”” who’s listed as the primary contact. There was a post on their message board of all things stating he had some “”problems”” and would be returning everyone’s money this week. This never happened. Furthermore

anyone who complained on the message board was censored by the webmaster stating they would not allow abusive speech when all people wanted to do was complain about “”joey””‘s pathetic business practices. I’ve complained to the BBB and anyone who will listen and a small-claims court case is probably around the corner.”

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