After contacting a well known portuguese waterdog breeder in CT (whom I will not name), she referred us to a fellow portugeuse waterdog breeder named Theresa Riccio, she sometimes goes by the name Theresa Riccio-Green or Terry Riccio from Rocky Hill, CT. She also has or had a dog grooming business named Wizard of Paws. We paid $2000 for this pure breed. nAfter a short time, we discovered that our little one was highly allergic to the new dog. We called Theresa and she said she would take the dog back and reimburse us our money when the dog was placed in a new home. Very shortly after she took the dog back, she sold the dog to another family in Stonington, CT for the same price. We confirmed this through her and also the other dog breeder that referred us to her. Waiting for the refund for some time, she would answer her phone and be very rude to us and then hang up. nAfter that, she wouldn’t even answer her phone. We notified the first dog breeder and she was apalled and said she would speak to her. Although that did get an initial response, she said she was sorry she spent all all of our money on her mortgage and she was going to repaying us by sending us a check in the mail for $1200 and the rest she would continue making payments. nThree days later, we got a check for $100. I just want people to know how untrustworthy this person and she should not get away with stealing. I have filed a complaint with the better business bureau as well. nBadkarmanMadison, ConnecticutU.S.A.

4 Eastview Terrace Rocky Hill, Connecticut U.S.A.


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