It is one of the worst neurology clinic in Shenandoah, TX, I am sure and I urge people not to go there.  I made an appointment by calling +1 936-267-0912 and on reaching I found that the clinic was very poorly staffed and the building had a less than comforting façade. Nevertheless, I went in assuming that probably the doctors inside are more competent, but it turned out that was not the case either. Earlier, I had a phone consultation with them regarding my migraines and I was told that after some detailed check up I would be prescribed a course of treatment. To be honest, the phone consultation was quite good actually, which made me take the next step to visit the premises. However, once inside the clinic, my thoughts about them started to change. The clinic was poorly staffed and I could see only a couple of assistants running here and there trying to get everything done. I was recommended an MRI for my headaches, and although I had the previous test results with me, they insis

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