Complaint: This con man will take your deposit to start a job and will disappear, or worse, will start the job then disappear. His arrest record is 15 pages long and includes felony assult CONVICTIONS. This guy could never get a straight job so he pretends to own a handyman biz. He has employees do all the work; they last a month or two until they figure out he’s never going to pay them a dime. They quit, he finds more ex cons to do the work. He claims to own a house in virginia beach and will take on tenants until the place is packed full of angry people with no heat, water or electricity. Garbage and yardcars litter the property, the house leaks buckets when it rains. Here’s his fishing ad on CL, he’s fishing for suckers: HONEST RELIABLE HOME REPAIRMAN with VERY LOW RATES and GOOD REFERENCES (ANYWHERE) SKILLED EXPERIENCED RESPONSIBLE HONEST RELIABLE HOME REPAIRMAN, QUALITY PAINTER, REMODELER- KITCHENS, BATHROOMS, WATER HEATERS, PLUMBING, ELECTRICAL, FENCES, DECKS, GARAGE CONVERSIONS, ECONOMICAL HIGH QUALITY LOW COST WINDOWS, ROOFING, SIDING with ALMOST NO OVERHEAD and VERY LOW PRICES and WITH MANY GREAT REFERENCES. LOOKING TO BE A MAJOR BLESSING TO YOU ALL. WILLING TO WORK BY THE JOB or BY THE HOUR. PLEASE CALL or TEXT TOM WYNN at 757-685-026FOUR

Tags: Builders & Contractors

Address: 2316 Red Tide Rd Virginia Beach, Virginia United States


Phone: 7576850264