We rented a beautiful duplex. The ‘plan’ was to live here until we bought a house. First, all of the things we were told would be ‘taken care of’ weren’t. Even someone else’s property was in our house as we began moving. The house clearly wasn’t cleaned, because the bathroom cabinets still had things in them. We were told we had a garage parking spot, but then told when we moved in that we couldn’t use the garage. Immediately the shower wasn’t functioning. We went without hot water for about 2 weeks. We were told we had to purchase an electric dryer for ‘our side’ of the basement. So we did. (We had a gas one at the time.) The oven didn’t work. We waited for a replacement. The freezer didn’t work. We waited on a replacement. The stove was replaced with a much older model. The refridgerator was replaced with one that was moldy. We cleaned it and quickly realized it was moldy because water leaks down the back of the interior. It was addressed, we still have it. Luckily we figured out a way to put a bowl underneath the leak. Winter came and we noticed the furnace kicking on non stop. Along with that our house never got above 59 degrees. It was addressed and after we didn’t hear anything for over a week we followed up. Turns out the ‘blower’ was broken. It was fixed. Meanwhile this whole time the hot water was going on & off. We looked countless times at our water heater and couldn’t figure it out. Finally, my husband in frustration started checking the circut breaker. Well, well, well… we were looking at the wrong water heater and furnace the whole time. The basement is split 2/3 and 1/3. We had the 1/3. So, the entire time we had the wrong side of the basement. We were paying for a family of 4 to do their laundry for months. (it is just the 2 of us) The landlord finally admitted they wanted the ‘bigger’ side of the basement. Now, we have been paying for someone else for 9 months. We have tried to work something out to use the correct sides, and both the landlord & his wife have not returned any emails or phone calls in 3 days. Also, I haven’t had a hot shower in 5 days. Nor can I do laundry because my appliances are apparently on the wrong side of the basement. These people seem really nice but they’re not. They leave us constantly inconvienienced and never fix anything they say they will. Beautiful house that is just falling apart due to neglagence. Sad really.

2183 N HiMount Blvd Milwaukee, Wisconsin United States of America

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