I ordered very expensive furniture from them. The furniture I received looked nothing like what was on display in the store. When I went into the store and took them over to their own example on the floor and explained how it in no way resembled what they sent … I then came in again a second time with a camera — and they had immediately removed the display item in question so I couldn’t “prove”” what they had done. What a coincidence. nWhat they gave me was a puckered

botched mess. They made mistakes in ordering the piece and the workmanship was unbelievably bad. They should have been ashamed to send me that mess. You should have seen the one in the store. It was pristine and attractive. I almost felt like it was some kind of “”bait and switch”” … get you hooked on what they have displayed so that you write the check

and deliver whatever they want because then they have your money! Just try and get help! Just try and get someone to listen! They will refer you to people in the warehouse who really couldn’t care less. You have to talk to someone in the warehouse? Really? What kind of an organization has you talk to someone in a warehouse when there is a problem? I am disgusted with this purchase every time I look at it

and will tell everyone I can. Good news travels rather slowly

but bad news travels fast. You might rip one person off and keep their money