In 2004 we signed a Membership Agreement with Thousand Trails and paid cash the Sum of US$ 2.995.00, During the last 10 years we tried to visit several Thousand Trail Parks but in some simply it was impossible to get in and the once we visited we had to pay extra for 50Amp Electricity or an extra amount for the Side. In many Camps like Palm Springs the very few sites available where to small or narrow and our 38″ Motorhome would not fit. In 2013 I was Hospitalized and was no more able to Drive a Motorhome and we cancelled our Permit with ADP and the Insurance and the Motorhone is Garaged besides our Home. In 2014 we started to receive Menacing Phone Calls. In order to show Goodwill

we sent a Check of US$ 100.00 and stating that we would pay 2014 Mothly but we got emails telling us that they know we have sufficient money with our Creditcards and Banks to pay in full. For us

this was an Blatant Invasion of Privacy. Also in the emails they state we owe US$1181.12 on the Phone when my wife alled

Virginia one of the Thousand Trails Office

stated we owe US$ 2.500.OO In fact this Lady had no Education or Manners and simply trows dawn the Phone. To us it sounds like they are paid by the amount they get a Comission and certainly US$100.OO did not make them happy. Also we phoned once at the end of February and where told we should send an Email Cancelling our Membership