Thousand Trails is a total scam and will screw you and your family the first chance they and corporate gets!!! Do not ever say anything about the crappy conditions of the park(s), or offer help to fix anything, or David Watkins, the park manager, or Justin Dahl, the regional manager, will create false accusations and lies to get you not only kicked out of the park(s), but cancel your membership and keep all nyour money. I will be posting every day here and on my site as well as others that are very upset with the way this corporation and its managers treat their members who say anything about the very bad and hygienically unclean conditions of Pio Pico Thousand Tails RV Park and many other parks from what we have gathered from many other members. Stay tuned, more truth and enlightenment to follow! nPio Pico is hygienically unclean and not safe for children. Even my kids do not like it here because of the extremely rundown conditions of the park, the rundown playgrounds and basically nothing here that any children like to do these days….AND The fact the manager David Watkins is obviously embezzling money from its members and from corporate and no one seems to care. Apparently even one of the president(s) from Equity Life Style Properties, Inc., already went to jail for embezzling and other crimes against the members. When we first came to this park and became members, we were told that overn$380k came in from corporate to fix the three bathrooms on the south side of the park. It took almost a year to complete the work and the work done was so cheap, there is no way Mr. Watkins spent anywhere near that amount on these bathrooms. Just come and look and see for yourself. Since then, we were told another $100-180k came in to fix things around the park and to date, very little to nothing has been done. The adult jacuzzi is so bad, they had hire an outside company, since the staff has no clue how to do much of anything, or be able to come and get it clean enough to be able to use (then refused to pay the pool service after they got everything going right)….BUT, still the drains around the jacuzzi, that do not drain, are filled with methane gases and extremely high levels of bacteria all on the nsurface for everyone to step in…AND No one here, including Mr. Watkins, or Mr. Dahl will do anything about it…AND When myself, or others say anything, we get kicked out on totally false accusations and flat out lies and slander. Also a Kathy Owen from Membership Services is in on it too!!! I have tried reaching corporate, but their only chickinshit response was to send us a letter stating that all the lies, false accusations and slander are true, without one shred of factual evidence, or any chance for rebuttal, they then kicked us out, and canceled our reservation to be with my children for the holidays at Wilderness Lakes Rv Park and canceled ourmembership to all parks in the system and kept all our money. We were also stayed at this particular Pio Pico Rv Park due to the fact my father had just had a very serious stroke and I am his “only”” caregiver and needed to be close to him. So this park was anconvenience

not something we wanted to do

due to the conditions of the park when we first arrived. Although we were told by David Dargie that things were and are getting fixed since the new park manager

Mr. Watkins

just arrived and was starting here at the beginning of n2011. nWe are definitely going to add all our hard and factual evidence and will be adjoining the class action law suits already in place by others screwed by these corrupt individuals